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Re: Vent Thread
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I don't know if anyone saw the freaking Cardinals drunk PoS jerk screaming in peoples faces about what losers we are after the game outside of the CF gate, but I am hoping to hear on the news someone murdered him.

Holy crap, that's pretty awful. I didn't hear him.

But I wish I was sitting next to real Nats fans >:( I was next to a "baseball atheist" (didn't seem to have a favorite/home team) who, from the tone of his comments, didn't really care for the Nats. Kept commenting on how Nats' fans wern't real fans, etc. Tons of negative comments for the Nats and none for the Cards. I kept friendly with him but, seriously man? Screw you.

There was a family of Cards fans behind me but they were nice and I had no problems with them.

Last night I got to sit next to an awesome Nats fan who I spent a lot of time discussing about who we trade in the offseason (Morse, Espinosa, let Jackson go) and how much this team has changed. I needed someone like that tonight!