Author Topic: Guess who else was watching last night?  (Read 729 times)

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Guess who else was watching last night?
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Some Redskins, Capitals, DC United and a Mystic!


Robert Griffin III ‏@RGIII
What an at Bat! Definition of never quit. Big Win #Nats

Ryan Kerrigan ‏@RyanKerrigan91
What a game!!! Awesome pitching down the stretch, great battle by Werth in that last at bat! #NATITUDE

London Fletcher ‏@LFletcher59
Walk off HR! #JaysonWerth #Nats

Reed Doughty ‏@doughty37
Amazing pitching down the stretch. Unbelievable at-bat by Werth. #NATITUDE

League_ofourown ‏@24LasDon
BIG AT BAT JASON WERTH.. We back in this series
Retweeted by Joshua Morgan

Rick Doc Walker ‏@RickDocWalker
Give big props to the Nats bullpen!
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Evan Royster ‏@Evan_Royster
im late but how bout them #nats!!! #NATITUDE


Chris Stiles ‏@styluschris
Retweeted by Joel Ward

Karl Alzner ‏@karlalzner

John Carlson tweeted about Game 1 so I guess his tweet about this game will be coming soon.

DC United

Michael Chabala ‏@Chabala6
#natitude “@BillHamid28: Werth It!!!”

Bill Hamid ‏@BillHamid28
Werth It!!!


Monique Currie ‏@Mocurrie25
The Nats had @wale pretty girls rockin in the locker room after their big win tonight!