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Re: Game 5 roll call & info/tips
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Ms1995hoo arrived during the sixth inning last night (couldn't take off work two days in a row after taking off three days last week for a family issue) and she commented that the concourses were an absolute zoo, especially the Scoreboard Walk area near Shake Shack and Blue Smoke. She was going to get a hot dog or pretzel but she said it was such chaos that she couldn't even figure out where the lines were or which people might potentially be standing on line instead of milling about aimlessly. So consider that in terms of your eating and drinking plans, as tonight will no doubt be even more jammed out there.

I think tonight I'm just going to get down there before the ballpark even opens. I enter through the home plate gate and there's usually no line there.

OK, I'll nominate a meet up spot if no one else will.    How about between the CF stairs to the scoreboard walk and the Jamaican Jerk stand? Aim for 7 PM, but if you get there early, fine.  Start breaking up around 8 so we can find our seats?  Leaves it flexible where to grab food and drink (loft, porch for a round, scorebaord walk, steak shack, etc...)

Anyone have a better idea?  If we got a spot around 7, would the loft be feasible?

It'll be mobbed by 7:00 around there. Wednesday and yesterday I was up at the Red Loft for a while and I found that the most open space was around to the left side as you face the bar—that is, the walkway that leads around the back to the restrooms. Wide-open. I believe yesterday I headed for my seat about 35 minutes prior to gametime (left earlier on Wednesday based on the incorrect press reports that Frank Robinson's first pitch would be at 12:30).