Author Topic: Strasburg and the 2012 NLDS  (Read 11298 times)

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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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What do you remember about '70 that reminds you of the Nats this year?

Young group just starting to play well that could be a core of several years of winning (Cash, Hebner, Oliver, Ellis, Moose, Luke Walker / Harper, Espi, Desmond, Gio, JZim, Straus)

A couple of well established, stong vets (Clemente, Maz, Stargell / Zim, Werth, Adam)

Good supporting cast (Alley, Sangy, Gusti, Pagan, May / Shark, Tracy, Lombo & Moore, Clip & Storen)

Just a couple of key additions  or break out players from being a team that will compete for 10 yrs (Stennett, Blass, Parker, Tekulve / TBD)

Struggled in 1st playoff series (swept by the Reds / Needed 5 games to beat the Cards!)