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Re: Strasburg and the 2012 NLDS
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I disagree this is what it means.  The Decision was a question of priorities and the title implies I thought we prioritized the wrong things (long term health over a better chance at a playoff run this year).

I will also say I find many of the analysis about how Stras would have impacted the series laughably simplistic (it's hard to do much mroe than a simplistic analysis, but to then conclude as many did, "See Stras wouldn't have changed anything" is just silly).  Everything is different with Stras on the lineup, and I mean in a butterfly flapping its wings chaos theory type way.  The whole atmosphere of the series is different.

Horse - Some good points in your comments and i wanted to address this one.  If Stras started and the atmosphere became more intense with a bigger spotlight and more pressure, would that have necessarily been a good thing?  The Nats already had a bunch of young guys facing that kind of intensity for the first time.  For the most part, they generally wilted - JZ, Gio, Storen, etc.