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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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Except The Strasburg "Mistake" implies we would have won if he wasn't shut down.

I disagree this is what it means.  The Decision was a question of priorities and the title implies I thought we prioritized the wrong things (long term health over a better chance at a playoff run this year).

I will also say I find many of the analysis about how Stras would have impacted the series laughably simplistic (it's hard to do much mroe than a simplistic analysis, but to then conclude as many did, "See Stras wouldn't have changed anything" is just silly).  Everything is different with Stras on the lineup, and I mean in a butterfly flapping its wings chaos theory type way.  The whole atmosphere of the series is different.

A few more things

1) Even if we stick to simplistic analysis (which to be fair is all the can really be done) If Stras plays, then Detwiler is in the bullpen.  Detwiler in the bullpen G5 could have been the difference. 

2) I was at Game 5, and had the feeling even when we were up 6-0 of this (going to the NLCS) can't really be happening.  Maybe it's being a DC sports fan all these years, but when it comes to sports I think I'm a bit terrified of success.  But another part of it goes back to the atmosphere created by the shutdown.  The atmosphere created was that the playoffs this year were treated as gravy, and I'm just worried in a few years we will really regret that.

3) All this said, there is much more to blame for the series loss then the Stras shutdown.  Storen, Davey, Danny, Edwin and more come to mind for me.  This isn't a thread about that tho, but I just want to be clear