Author Topic: Strasburg and the 2012 NLDS  (Read 6798 times)

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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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Except The Strasburg "Mistake" implies we would have won if he wasn't shut down. That's impossible to know; he could have crapped the bed as bad as Storen for all we know. Discussion of the topic is fine but the title is very leading as it is. The Strasburg "Decision" is much more appropriate.

This is correct. He could have had two lights out starts and had a major impact. He also would have likely cancelled Det's start, so that would have been lost. So, who knows. He also could have had a bad start (a la Wainright) and then put the morale of the team in the toilet. It is simply impossible to know what would have happened. Saying that if he had not been shutdown we would have won is hogwash, because we don't know if it would have happened or if not shutting him down could have had the opposite impact where he faltered in remaining starts and we ended up losing out to the Braves and/or losing worse in the playoffs.

Again, the only argument is whether they should have opted to protect the player or roll the dice. It's a question of priorities.