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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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That's such apologist bullcrap.  I can buy into the argument that shutting down Stras was the best move for his long  term development and therefore the best move long term for the team, I don't agree with this since there is no medical science to back it up, but at least I understand the argument.  The idea that Stras would have had no impact on the outcome of the series is officially on the list of dumbest statements in Nats message board history.  Voluntarily shutting down one of our top performers had nothing whatsoever to do with the series loss???  The logic on this one is absolutely mystifying.

Except The Strasburg "Mistake" implies we would have won if he wasn't shut down. That's impossible to know; he could have crapped the bed as bad as Storen for all we know. Discussion of the topic is fine but the title is very leading as it is. The Strasburg "Decision" is much more appropriate.