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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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CALSGR8... I really don't see how your quote above applies.

I can understand not giving up... I can understand leaving everything on the field... however, you have to seize the opportunity when the opportunity presents itself.  In this one circumstance alone, Mike Rizzo failed miserably. Rizzo set forth a plan prior to the beginning of this season that did NOT include the end all vision of winning a World Series THIS year. He stuck to his plan even though his plan was flawed (and the flaws were pointed out to him as the season progressed). If you say his plan wasn't flawed, explain how one of the best young arms in the game does not take the mound once in the playoffs. His vision captures the upcoming seasons, but we should not be asked us to follow his rationale blindly... nor will I. You place your team in the best position to win now... tomorrow is never promised. Simply enough, he did not.

Most of us on here have invested money in the Nationals in one form or another... whether buying season tickets, memorabilia, jerseys, etc. Our investment allows the owners to fill  the coffers of Mike Rizzo. I don't expect miracles... I just expect sound leadership. If you tell your captain that the forward compartment is leaking and the ship will eventually sink, you would expect your captain to take corrective action, or some action in general. It was Mike Rizzo's inability to react that has drawn the ire of many of us.

Could we have lost with Strasburg pitching? Without a doubt. We could have potentially been swept. We were never given that opportunity to find out though. And that will always be on the mind of the players and fan base when we look back at the collapse from last night.

I still support the Stras decsion 1,000%. It was a no brainer.