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Not sure if I can think of any other words that explain my disappointment/hangover this morning (and I didn't have one drink). My cousin posted on FB that we should "learn from this". The only thing I learned was that Mike Rizzo sold his soul to Scott Boras and the Nationals paid for it.

Whether you agree with me or not, getting "Strasburged" by Rizzo (and Rizzo being brainwashed enough to think sitting Stras was the only correct decision) altered our rotation considerably. Edwin Jackson may have been worth $11 million during the regular season eating up innings and was brought to DC to support the "Boras Plan", but he's not the third guy in a playoff rotation and never has been.

Anyways... I've always internally wondered after being "Strasburged" by Rizzo if we would become version Cubs 2.0. I only hope I have another opportunity to witness the next Nationals playoff game with my father before he passes on (because Game 3 was surreal - even though we were on the other end of the scoreboard).

By the way, I booked a plane ticket back to DC during the fourth inning of the game last night for the first game of the World Series (you would think as a lifelong Caps fan, I would know better).

Heartbroken, disappointed, and a lot more feelings that can't really be conveyed on paper or in a blog right now. However, like many of you, I'll be back in DC for Opening Day just as optimistic about next year's chances as I have been since April 14th, 2005.