Author Topic: Strasburg and the 2012 NLDS  (Read 9770 times)

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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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Makes sense.  Certainly they needed the starts in April - June before the hitting got going.  I had been saying to insert a 6th starter any time they went more than 2 rotation turns without an extra day, but that would not extend him into October.  As people have said, the Medlen plan does not look so good if you think it meant having to play in the play in game.  I guess the main point is that, if you were willing to take record risk in the 2d half once the lead was built, there may have been other ways to structure it so he'd hit 160 IP around 10/1, and then he could go once a series after that.

The problem with a 6 man rotation is it means less innings pitched for the other 4 starters and it mucks with everyone's routine - Dunno if I want Lannan taking innings away from Gio and Jordan - and as we've seen, Jordan doesn't seem to dig it when he gets off his routine  :shrug: