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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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Sorry, SSB, and WPA, but there were other very credible approaches. 

Go back to the Stark article.  Not that they are perfect, but the Red Sox run their pitching program pretty closely with Andrews disciples, and in the Stark article they talk about the possibility of skipped starts.  Not a cold shut down for a month, which is sort of an straw argument, but just an occasional skipped start.  There are folks willing to put their name on that approach in Stark's article as how they would treat their own players.   there may be other approaches, such as building in more starts with an extra day's rest when games piled up, that are pretty conventional. I'm not doing research now on what has been written on that.

There's no way there were only two credible choices - burn through his innings and shut him down in early September or pitch him continuously despite medical science. 

My point was not that their weren't alternatives to managing the recovery. Obviously there are. I was just arguing that any plan that reduced Strasburg's appearances during the season couldn't be argued for without acknowledging an impact on the ultimate W/L record of the team. If one assumes you can skip a half dozen of his starts and the record remains the same, then one could argue that his impact is not worth preserving.

My point was simply that any plan that reduces his innings during the season couldn't be done knowing that playoff berth would be guaranteed. Only with 20/20 hindsight can someone know the precise number of starts he could skip and still end up with a playoff berth.