Author Topic: Strasburg and the 2012 NLDS  (Read 10331 times)

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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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Absolutely right.  I might be willing to concede that given where he was when we shut him down that was the only option left based on some of the evidence you posted.  But there were a whole lot ways to avoid us being in that situation with Stras in the first place. 

The only way to avoid it was for Stras to not get injured in the first place.

Anything else has either already been raised and refuted ad nauseum or it's all purely conjecture anyway.

It's very easy for people who have no skin in the game to flap their over-reactive yaps on the subject. I'm sure some rival NL East GM would love for the Nats to pitch Stras into the ground.  It means nothing to them, so they think the have the right to be all high and mighty and sanctimonious. Be more transparent next time jerk

Screw them whoever they are, the Nats are in the post-season and their not, so they can just freak off