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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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I don't think they like the audacity of Rizzo to claim the Nats will be winning the East multiple times in the coming year and that there's no need to take any chances with Strasburg because we don't need him to win in the playoffs.

And frankly I don't like it either. I'm glad they won the division. And the future looks promising. But winning the NL East is no easy task. It takes having a great team and a lot of luck.

Come on, he never said anything such thing, Rizzo said time and time again that shutting Stras down was for the long term benefit of the player and the team. He never guaranteed future playoff appearances and he never said that Stras was not needed for the playoffs. Stras was not going to be available, there's a huge difference.

He has always said that the Nats are young and are good and the he hopes to be good for a long time. He has never guaranteed or assumed anything