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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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The Strasburg thread was dormant for about the last month I think.  The Bryce Harper compendium thread is much longer.  Yes, serious. 

Yeah, because he was shut down a month ago - What is there to talk about that hasn't been discussed 1000 times?

Starting him late was not an option - they were not going to jack with his routine, and the Nats were besieged with injuries the beginning of the year, completely dependent on pitching

Skipping starts wasn't an option because of how poorly Jordan reacted to that last year and how much they wanted Stras on a routine this year to build up his arm strength

Shutting him down and starting him up again was not an option because that puts a pitcher at even more risk.

Letting him continue to pitch was not going to happen because he was clearly laboring and fatigued in the 2nd half

The decided in January what they were going to do. The committed to it, just like they did with Jordan.

That's it, it's done.