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Re: The Strasburg Mistake
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I said this the second it sat in my seat and I was 4-0. And yes, for all my nagging about the 1pm start conflict I made it by 2:15 at least by getting insanely lucky.

But Strasburg is the freaking game changer, and don't go saying its a dead horse. Now it isn't. Because now we kicked their ass with Gio. Then the two pitchers who just aren't ready for this stage give a zillion runs early.

I was five feet from the dugout. I watched their faces all game. Not one had a bit of energy or enthusiasm. It was like they were forced to be there when they'd rather have been getting a head start on their off season. Not every guy, Desmond was throwing crap in the dugout in the eighth.

So down several runs early, or a tie game... it makes a difference. After the results of everyone not named Gio and their performance, I call crap on saying Strasburg is a dead and buried issue. The past 48 hours just resurrected it.

It's a dead issue when Zim'nn and Jackson don't have an ERA of 30 after two innings. They did, it isn't.