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Re: Sure hope...
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I hate you sad sacks almost as much as the freaking cards and their loser fans.

I think it must be something in the water at Nats Park. Jesus, today sucked, we all get it. This crap about "only two home games" and viewing us as already out is ridiculous. We win tomorrow and Friday is the most exciting game. Ever. I'm looking forward to Friday night, a game starting at 8:30. Seems 90% have us already out of the playoffs.

One reason I've been less than pleased with the influx of fair weather fans. After 2009, this is nothing. If you're a Nats fan, a true Nats fan... And yet posters on here with tens of thousands of posts who registered years ago are preparing their nooses just as much as anyone.

We win tomorrow, everything past is past. Then Friday is all that matters. If we win just one game. God, focus on that. If we lose, then scream about the sky falling.