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Re: Sure hope...
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Fine. Call it what you want... Just don't want to see someone say we should be happy with the season... Right after the team is bounced from the playoffs.

Which I :pray: won't happen.

Honestly I think making this post is doom and gloomy. I expect us to pull out a miracle tomorrow, forcing a f***ing Friday night party! At 1am Friday night after an insane game 5 I expect us all to be dancing in the streets.

That said, pessimistic as your post is, if it happens you are right. We go on the road, best record. Pull out game one stomping the Cards. Then get raped the next two games. A nearly 100 win season doesn't mean crap then, particularly when this is the lower seeded wild card team. Crap, ANY season in MLB HISTORY and this team is sitting at home come October 4th. There needs to be a long hard look if it goes bad, because even if they are the defending Champs? They lost their manager. Pujols. Used Carpenter in WC game. This ain't the same 2011 team. Then add our win in game one, and if we get blown out tomorrow and people are saying it was a great season, I call crap. Even if they mention we have four guys with playoff experience, I call crap. The Cardinals shouldn't even be in the playoffs, and never would have been before. We have the best record in baseball. That's all that matters.