Author Topic: LAC still lives on (2013 roster targets)  (Read 5906 times)

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Re: LAC still lives on (2013 roster targets)
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I wouldn't. The Nats shouldn't spend big on anyone this year. We have four starters with ace stuff; I just woulldn't pay 40 mill for 3 years to a 35 yr old.

I hope they're smartly cheap; I don't see why we should sign guys over 30 when we have logical pieces in the minors playing at a high level, who will see big league action soon. Goodwin, Meyer, Rendon, thats my OF/SP/2B right there.

I really want a high inning starter (maybe that is EJax, I don't know) near the end of the rotation. Past that, I like our roster as is.

I'd LaRoche to stay, but can understand if the team let's him walk. If LaRoche leaves, drop Morse to 1B and let's do our best to find a good defensive CF. A stop gap measure would be acceptable with our Goodwin coming up, but an Upton or Bourn would be awesome, but I think they (mostly Bourn) would want Werth like contracts.

If they move Espinosa I want him replaced by a top glove player. After Desmond took the huge year 3 step forward I would be happy if Espi got another shot. Worse case scenario he flames out next year and they move Lombardozzi above him as the every day player and let Espi give Desmond (nagging injury prone) days off as well as let Lombo move around a bit. I'd like Espi to give Desmond days off whatever happens. Desmond is such a beast this season.

I want our team to stay focused on athletic and defensively oriented with a couple boppers like Tracy and Moore off the bench.