Author Topic: LAC still lives on (2013 roster targets)  (Read 5899 times)

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Re: LAC still lives on (2013 roster targets)
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Not anymore.  The overall drop in offense across the league has made that kind of line more valuable than it used to be.  3-4 years ago, ALR at that level was basically smack middle of the road.  Now, he's solidly above-average, even though the production line is the same.  I think you have to keep him, because you need the lefty bat, unless you go make a move (Alex Gordon?).  That's the number 1 priority of the offseason.  Once you have that settled, you know what pieces you need and what pieces you can move.

He'd be fine on a one year deal. But would you give him multi years considering his age (his window certainly doe not fit this teams window) and the likelihood of Zim having to move to first?