Author Topic: LAC still lives on (2013 roster targets)  (Read 4765 times)

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Re: LAC still lives on (2013 roster targets)
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Blue - the talk was that the Angels will let Santana and Haren walk and bring back Grienke.  haren's option is at $15.5MM, with a buyout of $3.5MM.  Do you think they'd commit that and still pursue Greinke? 

Sure it's only a year. After 2013 they can offer him arbitration without the $3.5M buyout. But to pay him to go away on the hope that Greinke signs would be a mistake. Weaver needs more help than just Wilson if the Angels want to compete in the AL West. The Angels aren't a bad team by any stretch of the imagination so there shouldn't be a need for radical changes to the roster.