Author Topic: LAC still lives on (2013 roster targets)  (Read 4372 times)

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Re: LAC still lives on
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Call me crazy, but what about going La Russa on the lineup and putting Bourn at 9? Is there research into whether batting the pitcher eighth is a significant help? Hamilton has a whole armada of red flags.

I don't see Davey doing that.  If you go Werth, Bourn, Zim, Harper, LaRoche in whatever order you like to start a game, that's going to be murder on a starting pitcher.  not an easy out in the bunch and they all are fairly patient hitters with perhaps the exception of Harper (though I think you'll see that improve), you're going to see a pitch count jump in a hurry and get to feast on a lot of bullpens.  Hamilton is one of the least patient hitters in the game.  Very anti-Rizzo, but when he's locked in he's the toughest out in baseball.  Someone's going to pay for that, I just don't see it being the Nats.