Author Topic: LAC still lives on (2013 roster targets)  (Read 5507 times)

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Re: LAC still lives on
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So put Bourn at 2.  He's patient at the plate, gets on base, and is a solid defensive outfielder.  Not much of an arm, granted, but perhaps they could have him in LF and keep Harper in CF.  Just saying that I think he'd be more useful than Hamilton would.  I think Hamilton comes with a pretty big "Buyer Beware" tag with how things played out down the stretch, plus I think he'll got bigger albatross potential than Werth does by the time his contract is up.

Call me crazy, but what about going La Russa on the lineup and putting Bourn at 9? Is there research into whether batting the pitcher eighth is a significant help? Hamilton has a whole armada of red flags.