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Re: National League Division Series, Game 3
« Reply #850: October 10, 2012, 04:43:42 PM »
Cmd - lousy time to say this, I know, but would you feel better about espinosa if Jay does not make his catch and the ump does not blow the bunt call?  That happens, he's closer to his season .250 numbers . . . 

I guess I might also trot Lombo out there, but I have less hope for Lombo v. Lohse than I do for Espinosa.  and yes, I realize Lombo had a pinch hit.  Single, no doubt.

Nah I think Espinosa has been doing decent so far this post season. A lot of robbed plays and then that blown call... but I still don't like that he doesn't make much contact. It doesn't give me much hope when we have Desmond on base. But I think Lombo could be solid. Same with Moore. But whatever. We'll see what happens tomorrow.