Author Topic: Are the Cardinals and Nats equal teams?  (Read 2220 times)

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Re: Are the Cardinals and Nats equal teams?
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Or "knowledgeability" is simply code for an arrogant,  media whore fan base with delusions of superiority driven largely by a lack of viable entertainment options for the denizens of a semi-urban wasteland in the middle of nowhere.  Sure the franchise has some history but most of the Budweiser soaked imbeciles don't know about it anyway.

Just like Reds fans, when you can't beat'em insult them. You have one good season and now you think you're on top of the world. It's hard to remember all the history of the cardinals when there's so much. You guys have it easy.

To answer the OP, no these teams are not equal. Eventually you may figure out that the regular season doesn't matter anymore. Just ask the Phillies how that worked out for them last year.  The Cards are battle tested and have played with their backs against the wall in the postseason. Good luck with game today, though. Hopefully tomorrow it is under the lights.