Author Topic: Are the Cardinals and Nats equal teams?  (Read 2734 times)

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Re: Are the Cardinals and Nats equal teams?
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I apologize for the comment. I didn't mean they don't deserve respect at all. I was trying to make the point that what happened in the regular season doesn't matter anymore. A 98-win team obviously is loaded with talent, but playoff experience is huge.

Is there anyway i can change my username? I was thinking cards11in12 might be more fitting after tonight. Momentum has completely swung to the other side. These teams seem pretty equal to me now. Hopefully tomorrow night the the boys will bring their bats with them to the plate. Can't strike out 8 straight times and expect to win.

It's instructive as to a team's capacity to perform at a certain level.  The Nationals' win today, after two seemingly demoralizing losses, is the type of win they've managed to eke out all year.  The Nats have a penchant for following up heartbreak with resilience.  I'd say the regular season doesn't directly affect what happens, but it does tell us something about these teams.