Author Topic: Are the Cardinals and Nats equal teams?  (Read 2805 times)

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Re: Are the Cardinals and Nats equal teams?
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Good to see you back.  I was concerned my over-reaction might have chased you.  Anyone who wants to avoid Card fans can ignore you (please) but it is good to get someone knowledgeable about an opponent here.

I think I can understand why Lynn was in there.  Thin bullpen, on the road, so let a quality pitcher who had been effective in game 2 go long, and if you get a lead, then Motte to close.  Are people on Matheny for his bullpen management (again), or are they saying he's doing the best with a roster he's given?

Tonight's decision is being met with mixed feelings, but i think the majority are in favor. A few are saying Motte should have come in for the heart of the lineup and then use Lynn for the bottom half. On the road i think Matheny made the better choice, though. But this is nothing like the game 1 decision to bring in Rzep over Motte. His reason for that was the pitcher spot was coming up in the bottom half of the 8th. That shouldn't have been a factor in the decision. Motte gets out of the inning you're still up by 1. You give him a bat and you tell him to stand in the box and don't swing. Then send him out to close the game. Rookie manager mistake.