Author Topic: Seeking feedback regarding decreased GDT participation and "negativity"  (Read 3511 times)

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I mean, I guess what I notice between watching the game without a computer, and watching the game with WNFF, is that every single tiny thing becomes way more important on WNFF. Like, if a pitcher runs a 3-1 count on someone and I'm watching it on TV, I'm like "eh, whatever, let's see what happens," but if it happens on WNFF one or two people are going "throw strikes goddammit!!!" And the chief yardstick is the opposing team's bloop single. Drops past Espy's glove, I tend to think "well, that's sucky luck" or even "meh!"

But there's nothing moderatable or policeable about this. Some people are just like that. The only course of action I can see succeeding is for reasonable, level-headed people to post in GDTs more. Every time somebody like Kevrock or Minty says "screw this negativity," it gets more negative. There's no way that "Descalso is crap, can't believe he's doubled twice. our staff sucks" violates any forum rules or moral codes. We just gotta lead by example.