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Re: National League Division Series, Game 2
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Still angry... so forgive me.

But screw the Cardinals and their 80 some odd win record. They don't even deserve to be in the playoffs and got in a really stupid rule change that allows team like the Cardinals to sneak in. If it wasn't for this new wildcard they would have been out of it weeks ago.

The Nationals need to put them away so all the other teams who actually deserve to be here can battle it out. I hate the Braves with passion too, but at least they deserved to be in this series. I'd rather be playing them.

Sorry for my anger... but I'm in Iowa and watched at a bar yesterday surrounded by Cardinals fans. Boy do they get cocky and start telling how they have the best lineup in baseball and best pitching. Give me a break! They are in this thing on a technicality.

Ok I'm done. On to Wednesday. Hopefully they can relax now and let loose with the bats at home.

Not the first team to feel the wrath of the Zombie Cardinals.