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Re: TBS Picture Outages explained
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I was listening to the game on XM radio as we were driving across West Virginia on the way home from a trip to Ohio. A few times I lost the signal due to the mountains, which is to be expected (especially on the twisty segments near Seneca Rocks), but then when we stopped for gas in Moorefield XM itself ran a "technical difficulties" message saying they had lost the signal (and changing the channel to the Cardinals' feed didn't help either). The signal returned 15 or 20 minutes later. I assumed it was bad weather somewhere, but you know, this thread reminds me that either this past spring or last year during an exhibition game in Viera MASN put up a graphic saying they'd lose some part of the feed (don't remember if it was video or audio) at a very specific time and Carpenter explained that there was this peculiar issue. Guess it's not as unique as I thought at the time.

So it wasn't just a TV issue.