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Re: Danny?
« Reply #50: October 12, 2012, 04:05:00 PM »
FWIW, I went through his at bats this series, because it's been my impression that, since game 1, he has not been swinging and missing as much and has had some decent plate appearances even if the results aren't there. 

in 10 plate appearances, he's swung and missed twice in 35 pitches, and taken 5 called strikes and 11 balls.  He's had fair contact 7 times, including the bunt that Joyce called him out on at first but which looked safe (deemed a sacrifice).  One walk, 1 swinging K, and two called 3d strikes.

It's clear he absolutely stunk in Game 1 (3Ks and the weird botched safety squeeze that was deemd a sacrifice), and what is more troubling is that the 3 Ks were vs. Wainright.

if it was just jitters and sun in game 1, then you might view the past 3 games a bit more optimistically and think he is "due."  If it was Wainright, or if the jitters are back, then the Lombo chorus will be in full voice.