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Re: Francona to manage the Indians.
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Funny.  I think Farrell was with Cleveland before he went to Boston and Toronto.  It may end up with tito with the Tribe and Farrell in Boston.  Maybe Acta ends up in toronto.  :rofl:

This might be a nice fit.   It gives Francona a chance to manage in a place where he can show what he has and not have his record denigrated as just being able to be a caretaker for an abundance of talent.  For the Indians, Francona looks like a "get.'  With Asdrubal, Kipnis, and Chisenhall, and Choo if they can bring him back, they have some pieces.

I think TribeTime wanted Alomar.

I did indeed.  Francona isn't bad, but Alomar is a TRUE Cleveland Indian and definitely deserves a chance to manage.  It's not like we have an outstanding roster.  We have one of the top 3 2B's in MLB 2B, a top SS, and one of the most reliable 7-8-9 back end of the bullpens (Perez, Pestano, Smith)....and Choo is good as is Santana, but not sure where else we have stand outs.  Chisenhall should be good but has been hurt.

Why not give Alomar his chance?  Francona has managed before.  The Indians are a young team.  Alomar would have been better in my opinion