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Re: Local Radio & TV Postseason Coverage
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It's a good thing the Nats are staying on their home station, since the local ESPN Radio outlet simply has too many football commitments to squeeze anything else in. We may not get any baseball today or tomorrow on 980 (not even the AngelO's opener tomorrow since it goes up against the all-important Burgundy and Gold) since the schedule, as currently reported on their site ( has nothing for tomorrow and one unspecified match for this afternoon sandwiched between Maryland-Wake Forest and Notre Dame-Miami - but since the kick-offs are 15.30 and 19.30 respectively, good luck shoe-horning that one in. And tomorrow there are of course the Redskins who are practically an all-day affair on 980 during matchdays, along with Sunday Night Football. Unless Notre Dame-Miami and/or SNF get seconded to sister station AM-570 (they are the official Redskins and Maryland station so those are staying put regardless), tomorrow's Nats opener will be all she wrote as far as Radioland is concerned.

They use the 570 signal too.  In fact, I think they're planning to broadcast the ESPN radio call of the Nats games.