Author Topic: OK Seriously, how are we handling the NLDS threads?  (Read 1844 times)

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Since we're apparently going with random assigning of games, my vote is Chief starts each first game. Particularly if we win tomorrow. Chief gets Game One of the NLDS, NLCS and WS. The N2P thing works too. Anyone who has had that as his username since forever damn sure deserves the start after so long a wait.

I still don't quite get how the rest are going to be selected. Obviously everyone on here wants the opportunity, myself included. I can't imagine why someone wouldn't. That in mind, I'm not sure how the whole hurt feeling/jealousy/enviousness gets avoided, particularly the more playoff games we play. Everyone wants it, at worst there'll be three or four, best case 10, and could be as many as 19. I think randomly picking folks as N2P was selected is going to end up pissing those not chosen off. N2P deserves it for username alone, never mind his longevity and activity on the forum. After that... Doing it by post counts seems meh. Length registered slightly less so, but still meh. Prior GDT records, well, if you base it on this season plus requiring at least two games, I'd be fifth. So considering I'd be almost guaranteed a game assuming we advance, I still don't think it's optimal.

I'm still in love with my creativity/voting thing, but clearly am alone on that one. Saying that, I don't see any other ideas save continuing, for the most part, random assignments of the games.