Author Topic: OK Seriously, how are we handling the NLDS threads?  (Read 2945 times)

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If it's really what people want, I'll do the first one.  Since it's a road game and I like taking "confrontational" games (like my win vs Hudson), that would work out alright.  We could give N2P the first home game, since that's guaranteed to be played as well and also has special significance.  I don't know what to suggest for the other game(s).  As Coladar said, I don't want anyone to feel snubbed.

ronnynat hasn't been mentioned yet, that I recall.  He's been "waiting as long as it takes" for a long time.  Not sure if he'd even be interested.
That's fine with me.  I still don't have a computer, and I'm at a local convention all day today and most of tonight.  (I'm using a guest computer at this site.)  Unless The Chief says I should post the first nats-to-playoffs game, I'll assume he's going to do it.  If he wants me to do tomorrow's opener, I can check this thread before midnight tonight.  I'd have to go somewhere else tomorrow morning to do it, so Wednesday's home opener is more convenient for me anyway.

Washington Senators' Joe Judge is safe at third in the ninth inning of the seventh game of the World Series in Washington between the Senators and the New York Giants on Oct. 5, 1924. .