Author Topic: OK Seriously, how are we handling the NLDS threads?  (Read 3337 times)

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I personally think Chief ought to start them all. Maybe have some who have created the most unique GDTs in the past do the design on a rotational basis. This way you avoid hurt feelings, nutty superstitions, etc. And Chief is the one who started this all, the "only" Nats board as far as I concerned. Next year, divvy it up. This year, my vote is for chief as starter and using others designs, with credit given.

That, or have everyone submit a design/layout. Everyone votes on the best, those with highest ranking get their choice of game or games depending on number entered and number of games. Might not be popular, but I would exclude all who joined in the last year. I'm sure some great people have joined, but those of us who watched 162 games in 08 and 09... They have been waiting for this for a far longer time, and deserve the boon of starting threads to be immortalized in Nats and DC history.

Let's not overthink this thing.