Author Topic: OK Seriously, how are we handling the NLDS threads?  (Read 2567 times)

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I noticed you haven't asked, either, señor senior.  Not interested, I assumed.  How many times have you tried to talk me into deleting your account? :lol:

I only asked once and you denied my request so I gave up.   :mg:

Besides, I asked for dibs once and got turned down.  :?  All jokes aside, starting game threads isn't my thing so I would rather leave it to people who take joy in doing it. Also, I don't have the skills nor the motivation to come up with the crazy crap some of the other posters do for game threads.  :lmao:  And I'm going to the Skins game on Sunday plus I have tickets to all 3 home games so I won't be around the game threads anyway. The only one I may be around for is game 2 and I have a premonition that I will be in bad shape from drinking all day Sunday. We start drinking at 9 am for 1 pm Redskins games and my brother and I usually end up at a bar for the Sunday night game. 

Perhaps a request though. Whoever does it should include a shout out to all the Nats fans who have persevered here at the WNFF family. I can't believe that some of us have been here and "known" each other since the beginning (2005) because we all started at the other board and moved here when the patriarch blazed the path to the promised land.  :lol:  I request there be a special shout out to nospin. He would be thrilled about where the Nats are right now (unless the Cardinals advance because he, like Bob Carpenter, also grew up a Cardinals and a Senators fan  :D).