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Re: Wild Card Round Discussion Thread
« Reply #600: October 06, 2012, 12:29:49 PM »
Over-managing stat geek here was saying to everyone within earshot that the Os should not let Saunders go more than one time through the order.  I would have pulled him after one batter in the 3d, especially after Kinsler and Andrus had hit him the first time through.  No way I would have had him pitch twice to Beltre and Cruz, even if you kept him in to pitch Andrus.  What was the stat v. Kinsler?  10 for 24 with 4 HRs before that 2d PA?

Said that I would have had Steve Johnson hot for the start of the 3d, or would have gone to O'Day in the 4th to face 6 righties in a row.  At least I was right that O'Day would be dominant.

This shows Buck is smarter than someone on his 2d JD after a Newcastle and a Sam's Oktoberfest.