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Re: an opinion offered to moderators
« Topic Start: October 05, 2012, 01:29:07 PM »
Just checked the moderation log.  We have had 3 threads merged in 3 days.  "playoff roster" and "playoff rotation" were merged to create "playoff roster and rotation (merged)."  The rotation thread was sort of dormant but folks were posting about the Lannan v. Jackson start in the roster thread, so the two seemed to go together.

There was a post asking for a new smiley, perhaps by a new poster.  Well, we have a smiley request thread sticked to the top of the suggestions forum.  Hard to miss it.

finally, the playoff GDT thread was broken out of who is at bat for the next GDT thread because the season is over.

IOW - there is no problem here that I can see.  But that is my opinion.