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an opinion offered to moderators
« Topic Start: October 05, 2012, 11:45:05 AM »
Obviously there are a lot of new members joining, so you should defer to the 'legacy" of the long time members.  But I find it really annoying that so many threads get merged.   I do not want to sift through 30 or more posts to find something relevant to what is happening right now.  And certainly, for some threads, it's 30 pages or so.  Please don't merge everything that is possibly somewhat related in anyway.  Different people have different thoughts and twists and it's fun to have different threads that aren't so long.  If something is already 30 posts when I first see it, I won't bother.   If you reply to one of the first few posts, it could be irrelevant by the time you get through the other replies.   I have been on several other sports boards boards for years and they do it much differently.  I know some things should be merged, say if three people post the starting time of a game , etc.  Just my opinion.  Thanks for listening!   Great board by the way.