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Re: Home Game 1 - Word on time?
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So once they announce the start, is that it? Like say tomorrow they announce 1pm, Tuesday the Reds sweep. Would the game be locked, or do they move it? Since we won't know the sweep happens until bedtime Tuesday, they'd have to announce the time before then.

Maybe, with any luck, the Reds up 2-0 they'll anticipate a sweep and give them the 1pm assuming the Giants continue to suck hardcore. I've never been as desperate for something outside of my control as I am for us not getting that 1pm start, since as I said, I've got something that's been set for months which is both vital and immoveable. 1pm appointment, should take at most an hour. 4pm would be fine even if traffic would be a total nag.

I guess the Oakland series is pointless to care about, since it's a lock for 10pm. If Detroit sweeps, it means nothing since all the other teams are playing East of the Mississippi, right?