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Re: Home Game 1 - Word on time?
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I'm so freaking pumped. This could be the greatest 8 days in sports for me IF the teams in question cooperate. Redskins on Sunday, Nats on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (if necessary) and then Redskins again the following Sunday. I usually wait until Saturday to gather the things for the Sunday tailgate but I've already got everything done. I'll probably tap into the alcohol supplies and need to replenish by tomorrow night though.  :lol: 

I'm feelin' it too.   I got tickets to Game 2 NLDS on Thursday and the Steelers are on Thursday night.   I'm hopin' for a 4:30 PM Nats start.   If not, it's the playoffs.   I'll catch the Steelers next time.   I bleed black and gold and it ain't pretty but it's Nats' season.   Next Friday, I'm heading to the Detroit area to visit kin.   If I'm lucky, I'll get to see a game in Detroit too.   I'll take football or baseball if they don't conflict with the Nats.   :)