Author Topic: Home Game 1 - Word on time?  (Read 8241 times)

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Re: Home Game 1 - Word on time?
« Reply #200: October 09, 2012, 08:50:42 AM »
One thing about MLBN that hadn't occurred to me.  They were assured of 2 LDS games, so it was either Nationals/Cards or O's/Yankees.  It was probably obvious all along.
I think you nailed it.  MLB Network had to get one game, and with 2 of the series 2-0, there was no way to guarantee a game except to take one of the series playing game 3 on wednesday.  Methinks that had Cinci split with SF, that would have had the 1 PM slot.  TBS gets the two not clearly necessary games at late afternoon and late night.

FWIW, MLB Network had a lot of lunch time games during the regular season.  I guess they are comfortable with that slot.