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Re: Home Game 1 - Word on time?
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Relax, folks.  No game time for Game 4 has been officially announced yet.  There is nothing on ESPN,, or from any of the beat writers.  I highly doubt that they would make this kind of announcement in the middle of the night.

If someone got an email from the Nats saying 1pm, I consider that pretty official. Likewise I'm an 81 game STH and haven't gotten a word, so who knows. I hope you're right, but I'd be surprised.

There's no excuse for this. 3pm Sunday and Monday? 1pm Wednesday and probably Thursday? Some teams play well at night, some day. If they "curse" one series over all others with afternoon starts for every game, that is ridiculous. For fans and for the team. Like pretend we were playing the Cubs who have a crapton of day games. We aren't, but rotating them is only fair.

Today was a holiday, for some. This city hasn't been in the playoffs in 79 years. This franchise once, kind of, in 43. Three weekday starts in a row is an insult. The fourth when we had a home NFL game?

Yeah, everyone says Bud screws us over all the time. This is a different level though. DC is one of the worst cities for rush hour games, and as I said, I don't know why but 395 was dead stopped last Wednesday at 12:30pm from VA to Nats Park. Those shadowed games in late September, where one favored us and he other not, indicate Nats Park is particularly awful for fall afternoon shadows interfering with play.

Like I've said, Wednesday I'm hardcore f***ed and will have to miss it. No choice in the matter. Thursday, if the game were 7am, 11am, 2pm, whatever, I'll be there. But I just think it sucks.

Thank God the NLCS is on Fox, so we can enjoy night games without traffic or parking. At the same time...

Is there any possibility the Lerner's asked for the 1pm to avoid the Metro issues? I can't believe they could, or would, but it is possible to imagine Metro wise a reason the team would not want the primetime game. God is it infuriating, salt in the wound, Baltimore's hone games were night ones. Heck, the Sunday nighter went into 11pm or midnight. I guess we/I should be used to this crap now, but it is still infuriating. All the more if the worst happens, and the NLDS is it. Baltimore getting 6pm, 7pm, 8pm starts, Cincinnati all later starts. Detroit had one, one game earlier than us on Sunday. And why? The lions had a bye week, the only game we should have had any time but 3pm, and its the only day we don't have the earliest game? Lunacy.