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Re: Home Game 1 - Word on time?
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Monarch - Just a guess - they may have the sound on one floor after the skins game, or one section of the first floor from the get go. 

They may switch over some TVs where they have multiples on a football game without sound, and they would likely switch over the Skins TVs and maybe the sound once that game is over.  They have a ton of regulars who follow out of town teams and have regular seats for the NFL, so they will be ticked if they cannot watch their games.   

I'll negotiate 8)

oh I figured they'd keep all of the NFL games on per usual. I've been there before for Giants games and they usually have an area with sound for them, and I assume most of the rest of the place will be dedicated to the skins. I just wasn't sure if they'd do anything different since its a playoff baseball game. I guess they've never had to worry about it until now!