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Re: No Respect?
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I think most non Washingtonians or Non-Nats fans strictly rely on the tired traditional scenarios and totally ignore this "new" team. The Yankees and Reds, or Yankees and Braves. The Nationals are still off of most baseball fans RADAR. To them the Nationals are only Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper. How many times during the season have we seen others say that The Nationals wouldn't make the playoffs once they shut down Strasburg? Or saying they would be lucky to get into the wild card play-in game and be just "one and done"?

Remember back in mid-season how everyone was all for Trout and whoever else to go to the All-Star Game INSTEAD of Bryce Harper?
Any time someone mentions a spectacular catch from this season and which one should be voted the best of the year does anybody (besides loyal Nats fans) mention Bernadina's Game SAVING catch in Houston? Of course not because people don't mention Houston much right now and they probably didn't see the highlight reel from that game.

Then Braves fans are blinded by their "Let's win this for the Chipper" chant as they knock themselves into a coma with their tomahawk chops.