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Author Topic: Reporter With Most Natitude?  (Read 1659 times)

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Re: Reporter With Most Natitude?
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Not sure how far back you go in this area but in the 1980's/90's Boswell was the biggest Orioles cheerleader in this area (apart possibly from George Will after the latter deserted the Cubs) - he was a thunderous endorser of Edward Bennett Williams'* concept of a 'regional team', practically kissed the ground Cal Ripken Jr walked on, and for him Preparation H Park at Camden Yards was somewhere between St Peter's Basilica, York Minster and Petronas Towers in terms of architectural awesomeness...absolutely sickening after a while. Only when it looked increasingly certain that the Expos were relocating here and the Post began beating the drums for baseball's return (after all their years of support for the Orioles) did he change his tune...he's been the company man through and through.

*WHY IS HE STILL HONOURED AT NATIONALS PARK (on the Hall of Stars roster)??? May as well put Bob Short on there while we're at it.

Moved to this area in 1987 and before then never thought much about the Senators or Boswell. But I starting reading the Post then and I seem to remember from day one him lamenting the loss of the Senators and banging the drum for baseball in DC.  Boswell is a professional baseball writer who was living in a city with no baseball. He could have moved to NY, jumped to ESPN and made millions but he stayed in his hometown and worked to bring baseball back.