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5 (13.9%)

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Author Topic: Reporter With Most Natitude?  (Read 1600 times)

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Re: Reporter With Most Natitude?
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Boswell is my age. He grew up with the same crushing losses of both 1960 and 1971. He seems to have learned sports journalism from Bob Addie and Shirley Povich, the two sports reporters at the Post (I'm skipping the guy who covered horse racing). I started reading by memorizing the back of 1953 baseball cards ("Zack Wheat, Philadelphia A's, won one and lost one!" and I'd giggle), but learned by reading Povich and Addie. Not Alice and Jerry, although they starred in the reading book at Bunker Hill Elementary, my school.

Boswell gets my vote[...]

Boswell has been the Post's company man par excellence on baseball matters. During the 1980's he was totally onside with Edwin Bennett Williams' (why is he still in the Washington Hall of Stars?) vision of the Orioles as a 'regional' baseball team, as the Post editorial echelons were, and almost literally kissed the ground Cal Ripken Jr walked on in column after column. Only when it looked like the Expos were going to relocate here and the Post started turning on to the possibility of baseball in Washington did he change his tune.

Boswell is Orioles-loving, anti-Nats garbage...if I owned the Nats he would be permanently barred from entering Nats Park.