Author Topic: My Playoff/2012 Nationals Team Hat  (Read 1196 times)

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Re: My Playoff/2012 Nationals Team Hat
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Awesome hat. Would love to see the pattern should you decide to share.

Do you have the pattern available?  My wife would like to make one for our usher.

I finally have a pattern up. This is my first time writing one so it is probably confusing at points. If anyone has a question about the pattern, no matter how small, feel free to just PM me here, I'll get back to you pretty quickly.

Download Instructions (You will need Adobe PDF reader, you can get yours here: )
1) Go to this link:
2) Click on the first file, natitude_hat_beta.pdf. The document will open in your window.
3) Up towards the top left, under the title, click File -> Download. Save onto your computer.
4) Then click the second file, natitude_ha...rning.pdf on the left.
5) Do the same thing as step 3, File -> Download

You now have both of the files, both which are printer friendly. You will need both to understand the pattern.

Good luck, again PM me with questions if you come across any!  ;)