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Re: My Playoff/2012 Nationals Team Hat
« Reply #25: October 04, 2012, 09:17:58 PM »
I just decided to keep the guys who have been on our 25 man roster for the last month or two of the season - so this rules out consistently injured players such as CMW, Ramos, and H-Rod. I included Lannan since he's been the most important non-25 man guy on our roster, and he's replacing Strasburg. I had some extra space so I added Davey, an important member of our team, and our announcers who really mold our perception of the team.

In retrospect I PROBABLY should have added players like Garcia but I really didn't have any way to chose random people from the 40 man roster objectively. I might update the pattern a bit and stuff in the 25 man playoff roster + Strasburg, making it a true playoff hat.

As I said to MDS I'm working on it, I'll have it up today or tomorrow.

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Sorry. Been skimming more than reading lately.